Things That Make a Non-Profit Job a Great Opportunity for Students


Life as a college student is an important step to prepare you for adult life. You will probably be responsible for securing funds to cover your living expenses and maybe save a little bit. You might think that quick freelance tasks from time to time can be enough. But as prices go higher, you might want to aim for something more stable. Dr. Philip Baldeo, a practicing New York-based family physician, recommends trying your luck with the non-private sector.

Typically, getting an internship in a non-private organization is not really difficult if you are a college student. You can even get an entry-level job as a student there too. But before you start down this path, you need to gain more insight into it. Here is some useful information about working in a non-profit organization:

Stepping out of your comfort zone

You might not be used to working on something new to you. However, your experience in a non-profit allows for this.  When you join a non-profit, you shouldn’t expect to see large offices with countless employees. Hence, limited staff allows you to play multiple roles inside the organization. For example, if you are working in the marketing field, you might find yourself responsible for writing press releases or blog content for the organization’s website. This can add to your skills and knowledge niches.

Qualifying for student loan forgiveness

A student loan is a huge burden on many students. But for many of them, loans are the best option for pursuing a fine college education. If you commit to a full-time job in a non-profit, you have a good chance of getting your student loan forgiven. But this depends on fulfilling certain requirements and having a record of paying at least 120 months of your loan.

Playing an active role in your community

Non-profits put people first, as they want to serve their target demographics. So, you will have a chance to do real good to people who deserve and need your efforts. As many people participate in such community service, their circle will grow bigger. Thus, local communities will become better over time.

Working for a really reputable place

One of the biggest strengths that non-profits have is a positive reputation. The majority of big corporates don’t pay the subject of reputation a great deal of attention. They are mainly focusing on profits and acquiring huge market share. This can make a young employee dissatisfied with their workplace. A decent non-profit organization really cares about people and serves its community. So, the public can look at you with respect and regard, which can have a huge positive emotional impact on you.

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