Important Things To Know About Working in the Non-Profit World as a Student


Graduating from college is a great achievement, but it is not the end of your achievement record. In fact, it is the beginning of a whole new chapter in your life. To start this chapter properly, you need to weigh your options. All your efforts would be focused on finding a suitable job. Finding your first job is not the easiest decision, as it results in building up your practical expertise and developing some of your skills. Starting a career in non-profit is a great first step.

Typically, you might be familiar with the concept of volunteering at a non-profit, which is not payable. However, you might not know that these charitable organizations can offer solid career paths as well. If you want to dive deeper into this world, you need to understand more about its benefits and its downsides.

The definition of a non-profit

Non-profit organizations are a form of community service. These organizations do not pay income taxes as they are exempt according to federal laws. Non-profits serve in various fields, such as education, health, religion, and many others. The human element in non-profit organizations is divided into volunteers and employees. If you want to join the paid staff of a non-profit, you can have a shortcut through your college. Many colleges offer practicum and internship programs in the non-profit sector.

Things to keep in mind before working for a non-profit

Working for a non-profit can give you a lot of perks. But before you consider the perks, you should know some traits and characteristics that are necessary for this type of career choice:

Possession of decent social and soft skills

Serving people requires the ability to communicate with them on different levels. You should be able to shake off any hesitation regarding public speaking or idea pitching. You shouldn’t let being a shy individual stop you from reaching out to donors or other contributors.

Being a passionate individual

It is important to use your passion in the field of service you are in. Passion can give you energy to go on when things are not very smooth all the time. So, being really passionate about your mission is empowering.

Showcasing persistence

In addition to being passionate, you should be persistent to be able to keep going in this field. Community service is no walk in the park. You will encounter various difficulties, and utilizing your persistence, you will overcome various obstacles. This quality can be really valuable, especially if you face bureaucratic challenges. Your passion and persistence can inspire you to find solutions or reach out to people who can really help.

You can make a whole career from working in the non-profit world. This sector offers growth opportunities and payment increase. You can also think of it as a temporary step that can qualify for joining the private and for-profit world. Dr. Philip Baldeo, is of the view that a practical experience in the non-profit sector will pay off, even if it was for a short time. Your experience there affects your skills and professional capabilities that will make you a valuable addition to any staff you join.  

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