Five Benefits of Volunteering at a Non-Profit That Will Make You Volunteer Today


Did you know that volunteering is a true life changer? And it is not just for people, animals, or communities you are helping, but for you too? You can gain tons of benefits from committing to voluntarily working. Dr. Philip Baldeo, a family physician in New York, encourages students to make the most of their spare time by volunteering at non-profits, as it helps them develop on various levels.

Well, volunteering is not something that has financial returns, but it can benefit your mental health and social wellbeing in ways you can’t imagine. If you are still uncertain about these benefits, here are a few of them:

  1. Creating your own community

When you volunteer, you will definitely help the target community. But this is not the community we are talking about here. Volunteering at a non-profit allows you to build a community for yourself. Volunteering lets you meet new people who may have the same interests as you. This way, you get to make other people’s acquaintances that may develop into friendships.

  • Improving your social skills

One of the greatest perks of being involved in the non-profit world is that it gives you a chance to work on your social skills. Unlike school or work, you will have time for socialization when you are at a non-profit. The more you socialize, the more mentally and emotionally healthier you become. In fact, there are psychological studies that refer to the role of socializing in reducing the chances of getting depressed or stressed. Other studies even indicate that socializing goes beyond mental health to physical health. They refer to a link between improved social communication and a better immune system.

  • Breaking out of loneliness

It is not really uncommon for individuals in modern societies to experience levels of loneliness, whether it is permanent or temporary. Well, volunteering can be truly helpful in this matter, as it can encourage you to meet people. So, instead of giving in to social isolation, go to a nearby non-profit and break free from the chains of loneliness.

  • Adding to your professional skillset

Well, non-profits are places for serious and committed work. So, by joining them, you can get a glimpse of what professional life looks like. At a non-profit, you will learn how to work with the rest of the team. Also, you can learn how to brainstorm ideas with other employees or volunteers to come up with solutions to any issue. As a volunteer at a non-profit, you can learn to look at people with empathy.

  • Increasing your confidence

As a millennial, your confidence is typically growing with you. So basically, you would need to get involved in activities that can boost your self-esteem. Volunteering can significantly help in this matter. It lets you work on your social, emotional, and professional skills. With all the opportunities that come through volunteering and non-profits, you can meet new people. This helps you become more confident in your social skills. Also, when you make a positive change in the community you are serving, you will be more proud and confident in your abilities.

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