Benefits of Working in a Non-Profit No One Told You Before


Many people don’t think there are real career opportunities outside the world of corporate. But this is a completely wrong idea. It is true that the private sector offers huge opportunities. But so is the non-profit one. One of the wrong misconceptions about working in non-profits is that people are not paid for their services. But in fact, working for non-profit organizations is full of benefits on different levels. Dr. Philip Baldeo, a practicing family doctor in New York for over 20 years, believes that a student can get a different view of the world through working for non-profits.

If you want to consider working for a non-profit among your options, you should understand some basic facts about this type of career path.

The benefits of working for a non-profit organization

Career opportunities in non-profits come in various shapes and sizes. You can find intern roles, fresher and even managerial positions. There are plenty of benefits that you can get from working for a decent non-profit:

Improving your skills

If you are an intern or inexperienced in the world of professionals, you can count on your position in a non-profit to add more weight to your skillset. For instance, you get a chance to improve your soft skills. You get to engage in events that require public speaking or teamwork.

Multiple responsibilities at a young age

You can find your experience in the non-profit world richer than you would imagine. Non-profit organizations don’t have gigantic staff to run their office responsibilities. So, you won’t find an employee to perform specific and limited tasks. You can handle various tasks relevant to your specialty. For instance, if you are an accountant, you can be responsible for different tasks such as taxes, income, and balance sheets. This might seem daunting to you, but it helps you handle various responsibilities and gain more experience in a relatively short period of time.

Leaving a mark on the world

At a young age, changing the world is a dream that can be made to go the extra mile to achieve. Well, if you can’t change the world entirely, you can make strong contributions to your society through accepting a job at a non-profit. For instance, you can help in fighting illiteracy or diseases. Luckily, non-profits cover various fields, so you can contribute to the one you are passionate about.

Expanding your professional network

Networking is an important matter in the professional world. Working for a non-profit can broaden your network in a variety of fields.You will be directly working with people at both managerial and entry levels. This can help you open various doors in different career paths. So, don’t think that a simple job in an NGO will be your endgame.

As long as you join a non-profit to learn and develop, you will find more than you are expecting. Working in non-profits can enlighten you career journey and add more weight to your professional value. Dr. Philip Baldeo, advises young students or fresh grads to seek professional opportunities in non-profits, as they can gain fresh perspective in addition to reliable start for their careers.

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