Benefits of Volunteering at a Non-Profits You Didn’t Know Before


There is nothing more satisfying than helping others and making a real change in their lives. There are various ways that allow you to touch people’s lives, and volunteering at a non-profit is one of them. Dr Philip Baldeo, a New York-based family physician, recommends students start volunteering at a non-profit to help improve their community and gain wider experience.

Is donating money the same as volunteering at a non-profit?                

You might think that making a few donations can spare you the effort of volunteering. It is always good to donate your money to help people in need. Typically, funding non-profit organizations is the fuel that makes the circle keep going. But it is never the same as donating your time, effort, and commitment to doing serious and organized community work. It goes without saying that donating money will not grant you access to the process. So, you won’t really see the direct result of your efforts. Unlike being involved in non-profit work, where you can see solid changes in the lives of the people you are helping.

As a student, you will gain countless benefits from volunteering at a non-profit. In fact, volunteering can improve your life on various levels, both personally and professionally. Here are a few of them:

  1. Creating a bigger network

Humans are social creatures by nature. So, it is pretty understandable for you to look for social connections wherever you go. And non-profits can be an ideal place for meeting new people with similar interests. A bigger social circle can help you grow emotionally and socially. As a young adult, you will significantly benefit from such growth opportunities.

If you are planning your professional future properly, you will definitely appreciate the role of professional circles and networks. Networking can play a big role in introducing you to the right job opportunity. And meeting people at non-profits can be a way to increase your professional connections.

  • Reaching emotional stability

Physiological problems and disorders can lead many people to prefer isolating themselves from others. But volunteering can help many people with these issues. Volunteering is not just about going to new places and meeting other people. It is more about changing lives for the better and making a real difference in the community. Making a difference can really improve many patients with PTSD or depression. Sure, volunteering won’t treat these conditions, but it can reduce the severity of the symptoms.

  • Adding to your resume

When you volunteer at a non-profit, you will gain more knowledge and experience in different fields. Also, it improves your personality with various skills such as teamwork and commitment. All these factors look attractive on your resume. And these kinds of skills and experience are important for all employers. So, why would you deny yourself a huge chance to create a rich resume at a young age?

There are many ways you can benefit from volunteering. As long as you have an open heart and mind, you can find a non-profit that shares your beliefs and vision. This way, you get to experience different things and give back to your community.

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